magda kmiecik

Originally from Poland, Magdalena Kmiecik moved to Belgium to study her Masters in Photography at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Magda is currently based in New York




MA/ Department of Photography 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium  


BA/ Department of Multimedia Communication, Photography 

Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland 


Warsaw Film School, Photography 



2019- 'HOMO NATURALIS' Arttrakt Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2013- 'PRIX VOIES OFF:ARLES' Arles, France

2012- ‘NEW WAYS TO WORK’ Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, Belgium

2012- ‘OPEN CALL’ Guate Photo Festival, Guatemala City

2012- ‘HET GAT IN DE KUNST’ D’Apostrof Gallery, Meigem, Belgium 

2012- ‘SUM IS EQUAL TO THE DIFFERENCE’ Szara Gallery, Photomonth in Cracow, Poland 

2011- TIFF- ‘BY OWN MEASURE II’ Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland 

2011- ‘OPEN THE POSSIBILITIES’ International Talent Support, Trieste, Italy 

2010- ‘BY THEIR OWN MEASURE’ Month of Photography, Bratislava

2010- ‘FOREIGNNESS’ Dom Polski, Vilnus

2009- ‘INDEFINITE’ New European Photographers, Athens Photo Festival, Grecee



2019- ‘HUMAN NATURALIS’ Les Renards, Montreal, Canada

2015- ‘WONDER’ LAND’ Project with Ania Gubernat, Museum of Contemporary Art in Wroclaw, Poland

2011- ‘PORTRAITS’ Opus Gallery, Fotofestival in Lodz, Poland

2011- ‘HILL‘ Project with Agata Wronska, PF Gallery, Poznan, Poland 

2010- ‘COLORBLIND’ Project with Agata Wronska, Fotofestival in Lodz, Poland

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