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At the beginning of the 1960s, an American scientist Clive Backster, PhD, after long-term studies in the field of biocommunication using a lie detector, states that plants are in deep emotional contact with people who care about them and love them. Plants think, feel and communicate with each other and people. In other words, they have a soul. The scientific community rejects Backster's first doctoral dissertation and considers him a charlatan. Shortly afterwards, research in the field of intelligence of plants is gaining in popularity and the conclusions drawn by Backster cease to shock. The new observations confirm that plants are living organisms, related to the entire cosmos. They are sensitive and vulnerable. "They dance," "tremble" and "cry." They absorb human emotions and emanate their energy. 

For the primitive man, the whole world is animated, and trees and plants are not an exception. All organisms on Earth have a soul, and every soul should be respected. People can have good or bad influence on plants, depending on the good or bad nature of their deeds. 

In today's world the feeling of loss of relationship with the world as a whole is growing, but nature, whether we like it or not, still shows that we are part of it. Living organisms are closely interrelated. Plants influence man and vice versa. In nature, living organisms penetrate each other and fit in the wisdom of the superior entirety. Everything we do the Earth, we do to Ourselves. Justified by the need to survive, the use of our planet and its resources has turned to its exploitation. The consequence of these changes are not only broken ties between people and their biological home, but also the progressive destruction of the natural world, which could lead to an ecological disaster. 

The theory of intelligence of plants is opposed to the Western view of the world placing man above all creatures, but if we want to save ourselves, we must listen to what nature says to us and accommodate to its requirements. It may be worthwhile to recall the days when people were in a harmonious unity with nature and restore the lost relationship with the world.


In collaboration with Ania Gubernat.

Project was shown in a group exhibition 'Homo Naturalis' at Arttrakt Gallery in Wroclaw / Poland

Digital photograph / Oil on canvas, 90 x 75 cm

Digital photograph / Oil on canvas, 90 x 75 cm

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