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Colour... is new each time - Roland Barthes

When we think about the color we must take it into consideration its dual nature. The color is both subjective and objective. On the one hand, we can study its physical aspects : wavelength, type of the radiation, receptors; on the other hand its individual character depends on our experiences, associations and sensitivity. 

The appearance of the objects is affected by the light, the structure of the perceived object, as well as memory traces that a given type of the objects provided us in our lifetime. 

Color is an impression, a psychological reaction to physical experience...

The project is a work in progress presenting my collaboration with an artist Ania Gubernat based on her PhD thesis about theory of colors, visibility and disability of seeing.

As a first part of it I created a series of photographs with focus on color of the materials I've used, type of the light and specific time. Each title of the photograph guides through the technical aspect of creating it. 

The title of the project is according to Izaak Newton studies on the cleavage of white light on the spectrum of colors in the context of the rainbow, where he uses the term ‘The colored image of the Sun’. 


Book about Colors

Book about Colors

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