magda kmiecik



Everybody has hair. Heads of hair, facial hair, pubic hair, chest hair, abdominal hair, leg and arm and foot hair. (Super)natural protein filament sprouting from follicles in the dermis of species far and wide, tall and short, human and animal. What does hair do?

It warms us, it protects us, it caresses us, it senses, it communicates, it camouflages, it grows, it falls, it signifies... what? Hair is wrapped up in the cultural construction of the Beautiful, the Ugly, of Youth and Age, of sexual and gender identity, ethnic ancestry, group belonging or rebellion, crime and punishment...

'Human Naturalis' extending my previous series 'When the Hair Grows' first developed at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. The series began as an exploration of texture and color, featuring hair as an object. 'Human Naturalis' expands on the intimate and social significance of hair and its stylings, incorporating an ever-widening range of bodies across cultural and generational differences.

In progress...


Project was shown during solo exhibition in Montreal / Canada,  2019



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