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The subject of the project is the modern relationship of man and space. 

The idea of a home instantly leads to familiar feelings of security and stability. Taming the space and the act of domesticating a new place creates a new order. As a result people gain an area that is safe and harmless, or in other words, a shelter. 

In modern culture relations between human beings and their inhabited space take multiple forms. The concept of home has stopped being evidently linked to the same constant values as before. Centuries ago, humans were nomads, constantly changing their place of stay, migrating in a search for a better life, not satisfied with what life has offered until now. By constantly redefining space around them, they create a feeling of homelessness and unavoidable loneliness. 

Project Wonder’land was created as a result of observations of our present generation and of our own experiences. The works that we present as the concept of the exhibition are a record of a dialogue that we conducted over the last year. 

The project consists of paintings (oil on canvas, drawings), photographs (digital and analog photography, collages, archival photos) video and objects in space. The project is constructed as an open scenery which has the ability to expand infinitely. It is an emotional map guiding viewers through the exhibition. 

The title Wonder'land emphasize on the verb "wonder". This is a space which we are looking for, but most of all the space we wonder about. An area of nostalgia for the places of our memories and for those whom we never knew. The space of our dreams and desires. Longing for nature and perfection. Our personal myth of paradise.


In collaboration with Ania Gubernat.

Project was shown as a solo exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Wroclaw / Poland

and Rotunda Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / Poland

Archival photograph

Archival photograph

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